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Trivia Night


Join us for wine, paint & trivia!

Looking for a fun girls' night idea or a place to bring your team for a little friendly competition? Maybe you’ve been wanting to show off all of that ‘90s TV knowledge you’ve stored up over the years. Join us for one of our themed Trivia Nights where we combine four of our favorite things: friends, wine, painting, and TRIVIA!

What is a trivia night at Painting with a Twist?

Trivia night at Painting with a Twist is the ultimate night out! Round up your friends, family, or coworkers, and pick from one of our various themed trivia nights. There’s a theme night for everyone, whether your expertise is in teenage wizards from magical books, coffee shop dwelling best friends from your fav ‘90s sitcom, or Scranton's most famous paper company. Don’t forget to wear your costume for the theme!

As you go head-to-head in trivia against your fellow painters, one of our experienced artists will guide you step-by-step through the creation of your masterpiece – which, of course, fits the theme of your trivia night! Don’t worry if your trivia knowledge is far superior to your painting skills. At Painting with a Twist, it’s fun art, not fine art! And whether or not you go home as the reigning trivia champion, you’re guaranteed to go home with a handmade keepsake to remember the night.

Compete in a Painting with a Twist trivia night solo or as a team. The winner or winning team will even get a prize! Uncork your creativity and your competitive streak at an event you won’t forget. Check the calendar for upcoming trivia events near you!

What Trivia Night themes are there to choose from?

Painting with a Twist offers a Trivia Night theme for everyone! The following are a few of our most popular trivia themes.

Paper Company Trivia

Bring your office coworkers (and your "World’s Best Boss" mug) and test your office knowledge at this paper company themed trivia night.

'90s Coffeehouse Trivia

Find the Rory to your Lorelei, or channel your inner Chandler and get ready for this exciting, totally 90's coffeehouse trivia night.

Zombie Night

Don't be caught dead walking out on this zombie-themed trivia night! Undead "walkers" might not have brains, but it's time to see if you do!

Wizard Night

All wizards, witches, and non-magical folks are welcome for Wizard Night, where you’ll find out if you’ve been sorted into the winning house!

Claim Your Throne Night

Trivia night is coming! Don’t miss your chance to flex your knowledge at Claim Your Throne Night and take the crown for yourself!

Space Night

Test your epic space film knowledge at Space Night, you will! Please, no laser swords or mind tricks.

'80s & '90s Night

Feeling nostalgic? Our ‘80s and ‘90s Night is the perfect time to reminisce with your lifelong friends (and the perfect excuse to break out those leg warmers)!

Not Your Average Trivia Night

If you’re a trivia buff, you’ve likely been to many types of trivia nights. But at Painting with a Twist, trivia night is so much more! Skip the crowded, noisy bar to paint, sip, chat, and test your trivia skills in one of our studios! Not only will you leave with some new knowledge about your favorite movie, TV show, era, or book, but you’ll also leave with new memories. Trivia Night offers something for every member of your squad, whether they’re coming to play, paint, or pop bottles.

Find a Painting with a Twist studio near you, and check the calendar for upcoming trivia events! No matter the outcome of the competition, everyone wins when they leave our studio with a hand painted grand prize!

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*Call your local studio to learn about their alcohol policy.

Trivia Night
Trivia Night
Trivia Night
Trivia Night
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