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Team Building


Team Building: Painting, Bonding & Building Relationships

Do the words "Team Building" make your stomach turn? Company retreats, trust falls, and morale-building events can get old fast. If you're looking for new and creative team building ideas, it's time to put a little twist on your next event!

Team Building That's Not Boring

Painting with a Twist makes team building activities easy and fun! We offer unique painting activities for the whole team. You can create a mural together for the break room, paint an image chosen by your crew, or simply do a free-for-all and let imaginations run wild! Whatever you decide to paint, you can be sure you will have a blast doing it.

Still not sure what kind of painting event to book? Find yournearest studioand view the calendar to check out some upcoming events. Get access to a library of more than 10,000 different paintings by requesting a private team building event below!

Why are paint parties good office team building events?

你和你的同事花了很多时间。这马kes sense to have a good relationship with them. Without much social time left in the workweek, a team-building event can be the perfect opportunity to grow those relationships. At Painting with a Twist, your team can create art, get to know each other, and build relationships in a casual atmosphere—making memories that will last many fiscal years to come! So, stop staring at that list of "team building ideas for work" and fill out the form above to schedule the ultimate company outing. After all, getting everyone at your office together shouldn't be so difficult!

What do you bring to a painting party?

Planning a painting party for your next team outing is easy. We provide you with all things painting, such as brushes, paint, canvases, and even an instructor! All you have to do is bring your team, a can-do attitude, and some of your favorite beverages and snacks. Our BYOB* paint studios let you choose what beverage your team will enjoy. Whether it's wine, beer, coffee, or cocktails, your team can paint and sip to their hearts' content. Group bonding has never been more fun!

*Call your local studio to learn about their alcohol policy.

What if not everyone is an artist?

So, maybe not everyone on your team is the next Picasso. At Painting with a Twist, that doesn't matter! Your painting party is about makingfunart, notfineart. Our casual atmosphere and guided painting sessions leave plenty of room for you and your team to bond.

Can any team sign up for a painting party?

Team building events aren't reserved for work functions and office events! Any team can partake in the joys of painting and drinking. Give you and your sports team a break from practicing. Your dance team can step up to the canvas. The debate team can argue whose self-portrait is better. The neighborhood watch club can observe and report on each other's paintings. The list goes on! No matter what you and your team do, you've got a place at one of our studios.

Can I host a painting team building event at our office?

Yes! Let us bring the team building to you. Painting is one of the best on-site team building activities and many of our studios offer on-site painting events. You provide the space and we'll provide all the materials, just like we would in our own studio!Contact your local studiofor more details for hosting an on-site team building event at the office or the venue of your choice.

How do I book a painting party team building event?

Stop browsing online for creative team building ideas that are all played out. Turn your team into Twisters for a fresh experience that will have everyone bonding in no time! Scroll down and pick a studio. Contact us and we'll work with you to select the perfect piece of art or type of mural for your private painting party. Trust us. It'll be a game changer.

Team Building
Team Building
Team Building
Team Building

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